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Hole In One Golf Awards

A Hole In One !!  Congratulations. As a golfer there is nothing more surprising, incredulous and exciting as getting a Hole in One. A Hole in One may only come once in a lifetime and to shoot a Hole in One or even witness a Hole in One shot is a big thrill. Hole Nineteen is definately the next stop. We have designed a selection of Hole in One awards to preserve, document and display the Hole in One ball. Most of our Hole in One golf awards are unique and only available at Accent Awards. Many of our Hole in One awards can be customized to accomodate more than one Hole in One golf balls. Several of our Hole in One awards are Eco friendly with the use of Bamboo. Our Hole in One awards feature wall plaques, desk top and shelf Hole in One presentations.

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